Author: Ritu Pandey - HR Generalist @MAdept

We care...

To provide better Mobile application development services to clients, our organisation needs sound technical and personal skills. These skills are owned by any organisation in the bundles of their employees.
We at MAdept, believe our employees are our assets and their growth and well-being is our major focus area.

Healthy Environment – We at MAdept, maintain a clean and professional work environment for our employees to conduct business on a day-to-day basis. A Healthy Work Environment is one that is safe, empowering, and satisfying. Parallel to the definition of health, it is not merely the absence of real and perceived threats to health, but a place of “physical, mental, and social well-being.

Open Communication – We at MAdept, maintain an open-door policy, encouraging our employees to approach their seniors to discuss problems or conflicts. We encourage our senior employees to take care of their juniors on a regular basis to provide positive and constructive environment.
To minimise misunderstandings, every employee is free to discuss their issues with management.

Regular Training – Seniors guide, help & train their juniors on regular basis.
They also provide them step-by-step guidance in development of applications by which the seniors explains the way of doing the jobs to the trainee and in case of misunderstandings and issues, seniors works closely with the trainees/juniors and help them rectifying the problems.

Career Security – Now a day’s career security is more important than job security. We create & develop their personality to maintain stability and security in their careers.
We came up with the Career Security idea to think about the whole career from start to finish as the big picture. Through this they secure their self a stable career path and at any point of time they will not feel zero.

Annual Staff trip as reward – As our employees are important to us, we believe it is very important that they are able to participate on the trip, including our trainees.
We believe that by doing this, we make them feel more valuable for us and after a short break they rejuvenate themselves and get back to work with more energy. Through such trips employees feel more focused and their work productivity also enhances.

Work Life balance – We at MAdept, believe on the work life balance concept so for this we follow 5 days working policy so that the employee can get sufficient time to spend with their family.
We have fixed working hours & advise our employees to focus on time management as with this they can optimize their working hours.

Employee Engagement activities – We at MAdept, Celebrate achievements, Birthdays, promotions, retirements, newcomers welcoming; through this we made our organisation a family and it’s a great and relaxing way of showing that they are of a great value for us.

Annual Appraisal – We at MAdept provide annual appraisal to our employees and make them feel rewarded & motivated in terms of emotional & monetary values. With an annual appraisal system, the employee gets feedback once a year, which gives him/her a chance to re-look at his/her approach of working.
We have introduced a comprehensive system of quarterly appraisals’ where an employee selects his/her own goals or Key Result Area (KRAs) every quarter and him/her self assesses his/her own performance against these parameters. This quarterly assessments results overall to annual appraisal system.
Our ultimate goal is to serve our clients’ up to our maximum capacity and by taking care of our employees and motivating them, we believe we are creating better assets to satisfy our clients in best manner.