Android Development

Android being the fastest growing mobile market, it is the need of the day for any business to deploy their services and products using this platform. Our expert technical professionals will help you to bridge the technological gap and provide best & quick go to market solutions. We provide Android solutions for location based services, media streaming, Wi-fi, B2B and B2C in major verticals.

iOS Development

No doubt that iOS is a game changing platform in mobile world with some most innovative things in this space. iOS has its own class and we at Madept make sure that class is maintained while developing app for iOS. Our team with extensive experience on iOS development keeps a very close watch on new releases from Apple and keeps adhering to those releases on priority basis, which makes sure that you got a most updated team to work on your iOS apps.

Mobile Development-iOS

Mobile Development-Cross_Platform

Cross Platform Development

In todays significantly changing mobile eco systems, cross platfrom tools enables any business to match up with current changes. Cross platforms significantly reduces cost to mobile market for any business hence these platforms are getting popular day by day. Our cross platform development team at MAdept keeps track of cross platform tools update to integrate any new feature. Currently we work with Cordova, Xamarin, Appcelerator cross platform tools to help our customers.

Mobile Web Development

Mobile web is supported universally by most of the smartphone, and to leverage the flexibility it provides, team at MAdept believes in creating beautiful UI/UX and performance driven mobile web app using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Also we use some other CSS based platforms like Bootstrap and Foundation to cater various screen size fragmentation in mobile devices.

Mobile Development-Mobile_Web

Mobile Development-Desktop_Web

Desktop Web Development

We have team of desktop web developers who are well versed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript to create beautiful web sites for your business.We also have expert professionals on well established platforms like Word press. We provide desktop web solutions for e-Commerce business as well.

Backend Development

It is true that whole world is mobile centric in current era, but one cannot deny the existence of backend server to support various front end agents like mobile, browsers and desktop apps. Keeping that in mind we possess a dedicated team of backend developers who support development on various server side technologies like, JEE, PHP, RoR, Node.js. Apart from this our team support major cloud based platforms for backend development.

Mobile Development-Backend